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Play the role of a college freshman who departed from his home to move into an apartment near his university. The protagonist, weak and vulnerable will find himself getting into a horrifying world where darkness, terror, and unknown creatures exist. He must survive and solve the mystery to find the meaning behind his restlessness.

The game is heavily influenced by Silent Hill 1 from the PS1 adopting most of its notable characteristics. Experience traditional controls and mechanics bringing you back to early 2000's nostalgic horror gameplay.

MoveW,S,A,D / Arrow Keys
ActionEnter / Mouse 1  (Left Click)
RunHold Shift
StanceHold CTRL / Hold Mouse 2 (Right Click)
CancelEscape / Mouse 2 (Right Click)
InventoryTab / V
PauseP / Backspace

Be a supporter: https://www.patreon.com/solodevinteractive

Access exclusive and future contents of the game by expressing your support through patreon. Your photo will be added as an easter egg to the game as a token of gratitude and much more.

  • Drew Stevens
  • Velu
  • Slash_Gallagher
  • FlabbyDevotee

To those awesome people who payed to download when the game was in the prototype stage. Thank you, you are not forgotten.

  • KingofKnights02
  • Ochi

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Future plans

I decided to divide the story into multiple chapters and release them separately while development is on going. I don't want the supporters to be waiting for a long time to play the whole game. Lots of games took years to develop specially for a solo developer like me.

I'll be writing a full-fledged story starting with a prologue till the end of chapter 1 and release it for people to enjoy. Once done, development will proceed to the next chapter, so on and so forth.

All chapters will be compiled into one full story once completed.

To follow the development in the future, check out my patreon page, I'll be posting new updates there from now on. 

Game Developed by: Dave Von David | Solodev Interactive.

Are you stuck on the lock puzzle?

Click here for the Hint | Click here for the Answer

PS: I really enjoy watching the videos posted by youtubers specially those with commentary as I can see their reaction, jump scares, frustration, and how they basically play the game. I'll be making a scare compilation video out of your videos and post it here on this page on July 10th. Thank you.

Updated 2 days ago
Published 17 days ago
GenreSurvival, Puzzle
TagsAtmospheric, Dark, Horror, Mystery, PSX, Psychological Horror, Retro, Singleplayer, Survival Horror


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Very good! I just with the character model were a little better, but the rest is brutal! Looking foward to this game. +1 follower

I just played this demo and I really like the style it has going on.
It really had some Silent Hill vibes, which I love! Great job!
Looking forward to the rest of this game!

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This was excellent!!! it reminded me a bit of silent hill from ps1, didn't have a great gaming experience like this in a while, i had trouble using the pipe, don't know if it's a glitch or that you're supposed to die at the end, either way i really enjoyed this (give my elaborate opinion at the end of the video)

thanks bro! I see you got really frustrated on the last part lol, yeah you have to be in 'stance mode' by holding right click or ctrl button then you can swing your weapon with left click or enter. thanks for playing the game!

Hahahaha i was more so confused and not so much frustrated because the rest of the game was a joy, i think that i tried all of these options, there is a piece of the gameplay i cut out when i was trying all the buttons, it might be a glitch or something with my pc , either way the game was great and looking forward to the expansion and future projects!

Hou la la! Le gameplay et les puzzles sont impressionnants. Vous devriez améliorer le contrôleur 3D, il était difficile de déplacer le personnage. Si vous améliorez son impressionnant. L'atmosphère et l'effet étaient également cool. En attente des prochaines parties et assurez-vous que le gameplay est sûr :)


hello, I guess you posted on the wrong game page.


Wow! The gameplay and puzzles are awesome. You should improve on 3d controller it was difficult to move character. If you improve its awesome. The atmosphere and effect were also cool. Waiting for next parts and make gameplay for sure :)

neat gameplay! thanks for playing the game!


Just Uploaded your game on my channel and it sure was interesting and fun, I hope to see the complete version of this game soon!
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Thanks for playing the game bro, this is one cool commentary gameplay lol.


Had a fun time playing this game because of the ps1 style and that it had a silent hill type of vibe to it. Keep up the good work!!!

Man I see there's something you've been going through, whatever it is. You're right, you need to think positive so you can act positively and get back to the right mindset. Many people are struggling with depression, I know it's not easy but you have to bear with yourself and fight it. 

Continue doing what you love man, you have 1k subs and it takes a while and a good amount of effort to reach such numbers. That alone is an achievement man. Just make videos it will help you get out of the things that bothers you.

Anyway, Thank you for playing the game man!

Thanks man really appreciate it. I'll continue to stay positive and to keep on the hard work.


Loved the game can't wait to see further updates with the game great atmosphere and sound design look forward to playing the complete project or next big update

wow I enjoyed your walk through. I love how you figured out the lock puzzle, not many people think out of the box as you do. Indeed your brain will gonna get high after solving a difficult puzzle lol.

Man, I feel a little bit sad after you finished the demo lol, I really see you enjoyed it. Thank you so much for playing the game!


This game really really nails the silent hill vibe, almost perfectly, from sound design, to the aesthetics and even the game play. I love how the game progresses and puts you in for a scare. Silent hill being one of my favorite horror franchises, next to Resident Evil, this brings back fond memories so I highly recommend that you check out the game

lol what a fun playthrough, I'll share your video on my facebook dev page, thank you for playing the game you're awesome.


Hey I really liked your game, its amazing I wished if there was more. As you know I am afraid of speaking while gaming and I know its bad for my channel so I mustered up some courage to  make my first commentary gameplay its not perfect but I did it.

Those who are watching my video please show me some support so that I can over come that shynnesss . 

Hi! I really appreciate your English commentary on this one specially for non-native english speakers like me. Continue working on it man! Thanks for playing the game!


I liked this a lot! It reminded me of Alice, another PS1 style game that came out here on itch a little while ago. Just a demo so there's some clipping that I've seen, nice work! I did a video also in case you're interested.

thanks for playing the game! I'll share your video on my facebook dev page, and Yes I'll include your video don't worry. :D

Awesome! Thanks for the support on that end. I'm excited to see how much further this game goes it has a lot of good bones (no pun intended)


i found a bug kinda, sometimes when i run into the walls i glitch out of the map and i have to restart the game and lose all my progress, do you think you can fix this, sorry if i sound like a karen :(

No probs man, which part of the game you got bugged?


Hello! I loved the puzzles and the overall dread feeling of this game. it was really good and i made a video but had some recording issues so i couldnt post it but ill keep following development!

Hi! Thank you so much. I'm glad you liked it. If you have the video, post it anytime here :)


It was alright

Thanks :)


Nice game. The character looks a bit weird xD


(2 edits)

Awesome playthrough man, it's good you thought about syllables about the lock like only 3% can figure that out. I feel really amazed for people who can figure out a puzzle with a bizarre clue lol. thanks for playing the game :)

(1 edit) (+1)

This game was awesome! I can definetly feel the Silent Hill Vibes, so you did a great job! I was scared the whole time and those mini jumpscares were perfect to make me feel the chills up my spine and then go down to my heart and stay there XD. I want this game happening, so I'll try to support you as much as I can :3

Thank you so much, your words are consoling. This is one honest commentary and good gameplay!


This game was really good! It honestly gave me chills and a good jumpscare towards the end of the game! Hope the developer can finish the game soon! Definitely will be playing the full release! 

You're gameplay and commentary is really good, I'll share your video on my facebook page man. You deserve a lot more views and subs. Thank you so much for playing the game!


Hey, man, this game is cool. I wish I could play

Thanks man, hope you could play the game soon!


I really enjoy this game and I can't wait for the full release! I felt really stupid for not knowing how to solve the puzzles but hey, that's normal and the puzzles were really great! I played it in my video and it gave me some really good scares! (It's the first game, so don't worry about timecodes) Great job, my friend!

thank you so much, I'm really glad you liked it. This kind of games are designed to people like you who enjoy retro horror games.

You're video is in private btw, not sure if you made that intentional.


Oops! lol here's the link again!

awesome, I like commentary gameplays

thanks for playing it man!


This is a really good game and i hope it gets updates, it deserves more plays!

Thanks :)

Is the game finished and needs no more updates?

It's a demo :)


This was pretty good! A lot slower paced than what I'm used to, but it was a very nice break from the usual first person games I've played. The puzzles took me a while to figure out!


Nice playthrough man. Thamks for playing the game. 😊


The game definitely has the Silent Hill Vibe and you can see the similarities. The room  toss event was also one of the more interesting jumpscares in the PS1 styled horror games. I only wish that items that are needed can be picked up long before needing to actually activate the cutscene to open acesss to it. Otherwise, not bad of a game.

Here's my channel for other games I have played. http://www.youtube.com/c/Levont

Thank you for playing the game! You're awesome.


I loved this game. I was not disappointed at all. Silent Hill is one of my all time favorite games and I could see so many similarities. I would definitely play this game once its fully released, I look forward to it. Amazing work for a solo developer. I did a gameplay of  this game and will link it below if you are interested.

Thank you so much for your words and for playing the game. :)

mind if I share your video on my facebook page? thanks


Honestly, for an indie horror game developed by one guy... I truly think this has to be one of the best indie developer games I played so far. It is fantastic. 
> An evil atmosphere

> Unique type of graphics 
> The camera effects were really solid

Now a few things to work on in regards of the game 
> Movement controls were a little wonky but that's okay. It takes sometime to get used to. It was like I was playing on the gamecube again. Nostalgic XD
> The haiku puzzle was interesting however, I wish that in the game there was a note or something that gave you a hint on regards to the answer to the puzzle. It was really tricky. thank goodness you left a hint in the game's description.

Very small details to work on but other than that.... Fantastic job :) 


Thanks for your feedback, means a lot to me :).

I'll share your gamplay on my page btw.

Thanks a lot man :))) ! I really appreciate it!


Game was good man!

I got a huge silent hill 1 vibe from this one and the puzzles are truly old school XD. I had to guess the passcode to the lock though. Not many scares but the few that are there are good and the atmosphere keeps it creepy the whole time

Here is my video:


Thanks for playing the game man, you're such a cool dude lol. Mind if I share your game play through my fb page?  https://www.facebook.com/solodevinteractive


share it all you want man!

(1 edit) (+1)

Interesting, take on a good ol ps1 horror, I very much like it hopefully you will continue developping this, there's a lot of potential if you can make a good storyline !

Thank you for your words man! I'm glad you liked it that much. Thank you for your time playing the game :)


Good game, completed it and I look forward to seeing more, let me know how it all goes.

YouTuber:  Fellowplayer

Thanks for playing the game, I enjoyed watching your play-through. You're right, the red wire from the box is a bug so I'll take a look. 

By the way do you mind if I share your video to my facebook page? https://www.facebook.com/solodevinteractive . Thanks.

ok, share it as much as you like


Managed to complete the game, video up shortly.  May I also recommend you put this game on gamejolt and indiexpo.net.  Might do well there too.

Thanks, I probably will :)


happy full story

Thanks for playing the game, always the first one as usual :)

:* .. i like help :D